Our team

Expert advice for a turnkey service


Peter Downey LLB.

President SRI & SII

Logistics and integration

Caroline Roy

Logistics and integration director

Julie Roy

Customer service advisor

Annie Hospes

Integration advisor

Mathieu St-Laurent

Driver - Integrator


Nancy Grondin

Coordinator - Madagascar

Anthony Dupont

Project manager

Hugo Fortier

Project Manager - Recruitment

Alvin Villon

Director - Recruiting

Human resources

Marie-Josée Thibert

HR coordinator

Customer service and strategy

Nicole Trudeau

Recruitment Coordinator

Claude Bourque

Strategic Business Advisor

Alex Gagnon

Strategic Business Advisor


Jacquelyn A.Villon

Administrative assistant

Maria Lourdes G.Maximo

Administrative assistant

Onja Andriamasinoro

Administrative assistant

Madagascar Division

Niry Randrianantoandro

Administrative assistant

Dina Mamy

Recruiting Coordinator

IT and marketing

Guillaume Paré

IT & Marketing Manager

Expert solutions

Simplified process

We understand that effective recruiting can be complex in order to find the right candidates. We're here to simplify and guide you through every step of the process.

  • OSeveral years of experience in the field
  • OYour needs, our priority
  • OWe value transparent communication
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