Recruitment and Immigration Worker Madagascar

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar, with its youthful population, offers a wonderful opportunity. Due to its very high unemployment rate, 50% of recent university graduates are unable to find work pertaining to their level of education. The Malagasy are drawn to other people. They have a very positive work ethic and are always smiling.

Here are some interesting facts:

  1. Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world after Australia, Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. It is surrounded by other islands and archipelagos, such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Mayotte, Comoros and Réunion.

  2. A French protectorate from 1897 to its independence in 1960.

  3. Population: 24.89 million (2016) – Capital is Antananarivo, population 2.65 million (2014).

  4. Two official languages: Malagasy and French.

  5. Education is based on the French model.

  6. Religions: Catholic and Protestant.

Madagascar source of foreign workers in Quebec Canada

We have opened our own office in Madagascar ( therefore we don't use subcontractors in order to offer the highest transparency in the selection process of candidates. We also chose Madagascar because it provides us with a large pool of Francophone workers with advanced training and experience in various fields, but particularly in the following sectors:

Heavy equipment mechanic
Construction equipment mechanic (CAT training)
Construction equipment operator
Automotive mechanic
Automotive body repairer and painter
Industrial electrician
Industrial mechanic
Semi truck trailer driver
Hydraulic press operator
Caregiver, nursing care (orderly)

We regularly organize recruiting missions to Madagascar and we not only take care of the sourcing and selection of workers who meet Canadian requirements, but also of administrative procedures (work visas, renewal of work permits, employee and skilled worker immigration, etc.).