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Comprehensive recruiting solutions

Our team of recruiters takes care of the entire recruitment process… from the selection of candidates to their arrival, while never forgetting how crucial it is for the workers to be correctly integrated into their new surroundings.

A unique concept:


We work closely with recruiters in the Philippines and Madagascar to offer you the best candidates based on your needs and your vacant positions. Introducing you to candidates who share your values is important. Our service is comprehensive: description of the available positions, advertisements in local foreign newspapers, preselection of candidates, pre-qualifications, choice of resumes to submit to you, help and advice for the preparation of interviews, etc.


Here is a general list; our search can be adapted to meet your needs:

  • Welders and assemblers

  • Mechanics and electromechanics

  • Conventional and CNC machinists, operators and programmers (Catia, Mastercam, Fanuc, Code G, etc.)

  • Drafters/designers

  • Cooks

  • Seamsters/seamstresses

  • Laser and press break operators

  • Industrial painters

  • Injection mold operators, set-up man

  • Heavy machinery, automobile and forklift mechanics

  • Software and computer application programmers, IT engineers, etc.

  • Machine, laser, press brake, etc. operators

  • Mechanical, electrical, plastic, etc. engineering technicians

  • Quality control

  • Engineers

  • If you do not see the position you are searching for, contact us


The date of the next recruitment missions :  .
Tell us your labour needs six weeks in advance so that we can recruit candidates that meet your requirements during the recruitment missions.


We do medical screening and criminal background checks on all candidates. We ensure that selected workers pass a complete physical exam and drug and alcohol screening tests, and that they are not infected with any communicable diseases, or have a drug or alcohol dependency.


We take all the necessary steps to obtain all government approvals required by Canada and foreign countries. We also produce all the necessary legal documents to obtain a work visa. Our comprehensive service ensures that you will not encounter any legal problems.


Prior to their departure, we provide workers with useful and essential information regarding Canadian values, laws, fundamentals, etc.


We take care of all transportation logistics: meeting the workers at the airport, handing out airline tickets, helping with boarding, answering questions, etc. Upon arrival in Canada, we greet the workers at the airport, and provide transportation and any other necessities, according to the needs.


We actively participate in the integration of the foreign workers in Canada. We drive them directly to their apartment, which has been chosen and furnished by you based on our recommendations. We also help the workers integrate their new city or region’s ethnic community.


We help the workers obtain a social insurance number, a Medicare card and a bank account.


Permanent residency, renewing a work permit and all other immigration services are available via Solution Recrutement International Inc.



Which positions need to be filled?

Tell us your needs in advance and you could be recruiting employees as early as  , during our next recruitment mission in the Philippines.


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Recruitment Agency Foreign Candidate

Recruitment team in the Philippines

We work with professional recruiters in the Philippines. This team screens candidates based on the available positions and your specific requirements. The team’s in-depth knowledge of the area, along with our Quebec-based team’s collaboration, ensures that the best candidates are recruited.

Recruitment testimonials

Testimonial International Recruitment

Mr. Leslie Menec

Technical director machining
Spectra Premium Industries, Boucherville

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with our project. We greatly appreciated all your efforts and clear understanding of your client’s needs. I was pleasantly surprised by the way our visit unfolded. It was very interesting and I am thrilled to have all my new friends here with us, in Canada. Please share this message with your colleagues.”

Tom Keller Testimonial International Recruitment

Mr. Tom Keller

Outillage K&K ltée.

“I want to thank you for your exceptional work during our June 2018 recruitment mission in the Philippines. You and your team greeted us kindly and professionally. We recruited qualified and driven candidates who will ensure our company’s growth.”