A simple recruiting solution… from the selection of candidates to their arrival to Quebec.

Solution Recrutement International Inc. is an agency that specializes in foreign candidate recruitment (from selection to immigration of skilled and experienced foreign workers) in Quebec Canada.

According to your requirements and your needs, we meticulously select the best candidates to support your business and contribute to its success. We always seek candidates who share our values of honesty, integrity and confidence, and whose primary goal is to establish themselves in Canada. Candidate retention is our top recruiting priority. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from welcoming workers to following up with you after their arrival.


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Selected candidates adapt very well to our lifestyle because they share the same values we do.

From one generation to the next, foreign work in foreign countries to support their loved ones; they seek employment opportunities that will enable them to provide a better quality of life for their families. They are reliable workers who appreciate the opportunity they are given.

Our candidate retention rates and satisfaction levels are


Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency Canada Quebec

Our agency specializes in recruiting foreign workers and obtaining visas and work permits for foreign candidates in Quebec (Canada). Our mission is to meet the most pressing and urgent labor needs of Estrie companies by providing them with recruitment and legal advice that will enable them to find, hire and retain the most motivated, qualified and productive foreign candidates. Our guarantee: competence, honesty, integrity, trust and performance.

Why recruiting temporary foreign workers?

According to the Demographic Prospects of Quebec 2016-2066, released by the Institut de la Statistique du Québec and revised in 2019, the part of 20-64 years old will decrease until about 2030. Until it gets back to a level comparable to 2016, we will have to wait until 2041.

So how to overcome this decrease at a moment where the Quebec labor shortage is on the lips of many entrepreneurs? The recruitment of temporary foreign workers is a long-term solution that can support the economic growth of an enterprise who is struggling with a labor shortage. 

With the expertise that we have developed, we are able to support you in this project with a turnkey program. From the recruitment to the immigration process and then to the integration of the workers, our team will ensure the smooth running of the process.

Through our complete procedures, we will ensure that the workers that you will recruit meets all the requirements from your business (Qualifications, diplomas, work experience verification, proof of competence…) We also verify that the worker meets all the requirements from Federal and Provincial governments for long-term immigration. (Permanent residency)

With the experience acquired over the past few years, during the first year of the contract, we even ensure the replacement of a worker if there is a major problem, without any fees.

You will have the advantage to have workers that arrives here with a different work and life experience that could bring new ideas, innovation and new work methods.

Whether to recruit mechanics, laborer, welders, patient service associates, handlers, machinists or any other position, contact our team to learn more.-