The next recruitment mission to the Philippines will take place in March 2018.

A complete and proven concept

  • Ensure that all selected workers pass a medical examination as well as a drug and alcohol screening, make sure no worker is carrying any type of contagious disease or illness and has no existing drug or alcohol problem.
  • Verify that selected workers have no criminal record in order to authorize their passage to Canada
  • 300 hours of intensive French courses.
  • Prepare the workers for their departure to Canada.
  • Unify all of the workers at the airport and give them their plane ticket.
  • Greet them at the airport upon their arrival to Canada. (Provide winter clothes if necessary) Drive them to their apartment that the employer has found, although has been furnished according to our advice.
  • Assist them in acquiring a social security number, Medicare card, bank account, and Internet and cell phone services.
  • Introduce them to the city or region’s Filipino community.
  • Canadian residency application.